Dale Keith

Programmer, Web Developer, and App Developer

My name is Dale Keith. I am an independent website developer, mobile application developer, and programmer. I aim to produce quality work in a timely fashion at a reasonable rate.

My skills include:
  • 6 years of WordPress Experience
  • HTML, CSS, and PHP experience
  • Java experience
  • Objective-C and Swift experience
  • 3 published iOS Applications

I believe that technology and design should be deeply integrated together, with end results that have equal form as well as function. I strive to give clients beautiful results that are able to run with minimal further technical changes.

Please scroll down for more information about my work.

Website/WordPress Development

I have 6 years of self-taught website and WordPress development experience including:

  • WordPress theme and plugin customization
  • Basic WordPress plugin creation
  • eCommerce with credit card processing
  • Analytics

I specialize in ease of use, both for clients and visitors. I aim to create websites that allow my clients to modify their own websites with minimal assistance.

Please see honors.fiu.edu and wholesaleforms.com for examples of my current work.

Mobile Application Development

I specialize in native iOS application development with Objective-C and Swift, as well as layout and Apple's design guidelines. I also have experience with Corona SDK, the Lua programming language, and Java.


FIU Safety

Launched in 2014 as a class project to encourage safety at Florida International University. The app was built in a week using Lua and Corona SDK. The app is currently being rewritten using Swift and native, standard Apple tools.


Fruit Plunge

A game involving ripe and rotten fruits. Launched in 2012 using using Lua and Corona SDK.


City Protector

A game involving falling rocks. My first iOS project launched in 2011 using Lua and Corona SDK.



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